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Some Ways Marketers Are Making You Addicted to Sofa bed




Now that everybody wants a chic yet useful item in their home, sofa beds have been gaining popularity all over the world. The modern look on a convertible sofa sells itself almost immediately to both the young and old. For minimalist people, having a folding couch bed is the perfect of example of not having many but much. Those who want to lounge in style easily opts for Chaise Armchair Ottomans. There’s no point in denying that sofa beds are just something you need to have in your home.

But the question is, how did they even blow up in the first place? Over the years, marketers have studied the wants and needs of people and have come up with ways on how to make sofa beds sell. Let’s go through those strategies and see just how true they are.

Specific Targeting

A good way to sell a product is to identify what groups is most likely attracted to it. Whether they’re sectional couch/sofas, chaise armchairs, or just a plain sofa bed, knowing which type appeals the most to a specific group directs the marketing. And that’s what marketers did, they researched and identified just what type would sell to whom. Armchairs with ottomans are directed at loungers or older generations, modern futons or folding couches are directed to minimalists, and sectional sofas are directed to bigger families. These marketers only sell to those who would get attracted. If you’re a family guy and you get hit by a sectional sofa marketing, it’s pretty hard to get out. Definitely saves time and hits the bull’s eye.

Emphasizing Comfort

Comfort is a common bait that marketers use to pull in the target audience. From fluffy pillows to soft beds, marketers knew that they had to emphasize the comfort that sofa beds give. People want an item they could relax in and this is what was highlighted. Even though you’re going to tuck and fold a bed in, it’s going to remain comfortable for sleeping time. And if you don’t need a bed, you can just simply enjoy the soft cushions during movie time.

Making it a Need

As much as you want something, you definitely have to feel like it’s what you need. For marketers, they advertise the usability of sofa beds to let you feel like you need it. They say big families need to have a sectional sofa bed for storage and additional bed space because it saves so much space and money. Comfortable day beds are advertised as what readers and loungers need during a cold, rainy day for luxury reading. All these strategies all point to turning your wants into your needs, which is a stronger urge you just can’t resist.

Hyping up the Convenience

With everything that’s happening in what we call the adulting life, we just seek for convenience. Having a sofa bed is convenient because when guests come, you don’t need to worry about a room to clear; you can just make a good bed out of your sofa. Don’t have much room in your new apartment?

Sofa beds conveniently give you a stylish sofa and a bed in one. Want additional storage but no more place to put it into? Sectional sofas are your lifesavers. It’s not hard selling a product based on convenience because people just naturally seek for it, you just have to find the right place to tickle

Turning it into a Luxury Item

Who would’ve thought that couches and sofas could be a luxury item? Marketers did and they turned this useful piece of furniture into a luxury item. The more useful and modern it is, the more luxurious and desirable it seems.
It’s advertised as a piece of furniture that makes your house look posh and rich. Styling it with pillows and having a comfortable bed on it was enough for people who just wanted style and comfort in one. Being luxurious doesn’t only mean having an outrageous price tag, sometimes it could just be the style and purpose

Putting it on a Pedestal

One of the most effective ways would be to make sofa beds seem like the superior product amongst all other kinds of sofa or couches. Whether it’s the style of the sofa, its materials or its usability, the superiority it’s attached to will definitely make it sell better than any other sofa.

While it’s true that it has lots of uses, people just tend to latch on what they perceive as the best product there is. Why would you go for a simple plain couch with no other uses? Nobody can turn down a product that’s made with the sturdiest materials, right? Besides, what would stop you from buying the best there is in the market?

Selling an Investment

Well, there’s no denying that customers aren’t always that rich; but we do know these customers love and value a good investment because money doesn’t come easy. It’s pretty simple, marketers say a good sofa bed is a good investment and that’s the bait.

And it’s true, if you find a good sofa bed made with high-quality materials, why should you let it go? Marketers use this strategy to convince you to get a sofa bed because it’s not just comfy it’s also long-lasting. It’s not going to be long before people start thinking about investing on a good one.

Good Timing

Trends come and go, that’s why it’s very important for marketers to know when to get on and off that ride. These marketers are quick to adjust their strategies and advertisements according to what people are currently interested in.

In today’s case, wit and creativity does the job for them. Sofa beds became popular because they have been perceived as luxurious and useful, which is now trendy because people just want stuff with multi-purposes. Marketers just need to portray the sofa bed according to what’s trendy and in.

After going through all of those marketing schemes, you’d probably be convinced that these marketers know how to play the game. Sofa beds don’t come cheap but you’ll be so convinced, you just want to have one for your own. All these strategies worked one way or another and it definitely has made people want their own sofa bed at home.


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