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The Greatest Reason You Need To Shift From Your Phone To Sofa Beds




We all love our phones.In fact, they are a part of our day rythm of life. Some people are so much addicted to their phones that they have problems with doing other things. The lingering question is whether there is anything better than playing modern strike on your phone or any other game with friends. Though to many phones may seem to be the winner, there is another magician in the form of a sofabed.

Sometimes ago, I would not abandon my phone for anything. I had problems with multitasking to give the required attention to chores while I browsed on my phone. Browsing was the real cause I got to learn of a certain website, that blogged about home fancy furniture. I took a delve into the website and the next thing I knew is that I owned a sofa-bed.

I realized one thing for sure. It was better to relax by having a siesta on the extraordinarily comfortable sofa-bed than playing games on my phone. First of all, sleeping is healthy,we all know that. It is also known that the backlight from your phone may not be good for you especially when you stay glued on your phone for long times. Another reason why you ought to give up your phone as I did with mine is the highest healing the effect of sofabeds. With the advancement in technology, there is the development of gravity chairs and the technology is being incorporated into sofabeds. When you lie on your sofabed, the exotic materials play a pivotal role in ensuring that your back stress is reduced.

We all need an extra precautionary be just in case visitors come in plenty. I had not realized that a sofabed would ever serve me in this way untill my kid had a birthday and almost everyone attended. The party stayed on till late and buzzards set in. That is when I realized that phones keep us from the real world. Everyone eventually dropped their phones and wanted to sleep. I was lucky to have dropped my phone some time ago and focused on sofabeds. The folding couch was a great addition to the guest room.

Of course you have your qualms about giving up your phone for a convertible sofa or a sectional sofa. I currently own a circular convertible sofa which has a number of prolific features that may convince you otherwise. I chose a number of them that will give you comfort and durability at the same time.

General Features of Sofa Beds

  1. Foldable – Every modern sofa bed comes with this feature. You can easily change it into a sofa. Being able to fold also makes it easy for you to compact it when you do not want it spread. You get value for every dollar spent.
  2. Embroidered soft material especially th cushions. Everything is fluffy and quite comfortable. You can not only sit on it comfortably but also sleep on the couch with great comfort. Pillows are also available, either two or four or depending on your needs. You need a comfortable bed for you kids den or visitors. Giving up a little on your phone buying expenses can give you this.
  3. Durable and resilient frames. Most of the frames are made of stainless steel. No rusting or anything of that happens to your chair. Furthermore, the frame is made to last. True sumptuous shape of your sofa does not vanish because of a deformed frame.
  4. Variety in colors is offered to you. You can choose a color to match the room you intend to put it in. There is always a color to suit your preferences.

Majority of these folding couch beds are designed to hold a lot of weight. If you turn it into a chair, you can sit with your kid without any risk of breaking it. My sofa holds a maximum weight of 175kgs. That is me and my whole family of three comfortably seated. The beauty of a sofa bed is not a thing to leave unsaid. The premium quality material used in making a sofa bed makes your room look posh and classy. Adding to the beauty and the intricacy of patterns in many designs, your room is turned from a boring space to the best place to catch a siesta or sleep with comfort.

My sofa which is easily convertible to a bed came with three pillows and is hardwood made. I am assured of durability with the hardwood. Yet, I bought it a low price at www.soongohome.com. The price seemed so unreal that I was worried of quality. However, when the product came, I realized that I had made the right decision for shifting my attention to sofa beds. Furthermore, the sofa I bought from this site came with a warranty for one year. Unlike some sofa beds, it is warranted and of high quality. It is also steel frame reinforced. The amazing part was how buying it had been made easy. You only need to click at the well explained places on the website and get your order processed.

Your phone is important in communication and keeping yourself up to date with the current affairs. It is not easy giving up a phone for something else. However, you need to seriously evaluate the economic implications. A sofa bed is in a way a saving from buying both a bed and a sofa set. You can gradually reduce the time spent on your phone and get acquainted with the fun of a sofa bed. Marvel at how it is designed to easily fold it in different shapes and each for a different use. You will also get some time to get to face the wolrd as it is, away from a phone. You can think of where to invest or what to avoid while resting in your sofa bed. The move will also buy you time to get to be closer with your family. You do not remain buried in your phone all time. They can join you on your sofa bed and have real fun. I am a witness of this.

Nowadays, I understand that my kids and me can have a lot of fun at my sofa bed. They also do not get to see wrong content from the internet.


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