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How to Find a Comfortable Sofa bed Best for You and Your Family




What is the sofa bed?

The convertible sofa or sofa bed is an innovative space saving furniture that optimizes the space in a room or studio. If it was once considered an unattractive piece of furniture, the designers have converted it into a modern piece of furniture that has its place in the living room. It has a design look and multiplies the advantages: compact dimensions, ease of opening, the comfort of sleeping.

The sofa offers three main features: it is chosen for the significant space saving it can achieve, for economic reasons and for practical reasons.

The sofa bed, the advantage of small apartments: As it is a combined bed and sofa, you only need one piece of furniture to equip a bedroom or living room. For example, in a teenager’s room, he can offer a daytime sitting to receive friends, and turn into a bed at night. In the same way, the sofa bed can be ideal for the intelligent layout of the small studios of the capital.

Good to know: there is a registered name, the “rapido” by Diva France, or the Lampolet system, which means convertible sofas with quick opening, without it being necessary to remove the cushions. You pull on a controller, the seats are lodged under the bed frame and the bed unfolds.

The sofa bed, the financial asset of small budgets. If the sofa bed is certainly more expensive than a BZ or a sofa bed, however, it offers much better benefits in terms of comfort, but especially you invest in one type of furniture. When you buy a sofa bed, you have a sofa, bed frame and mattress. If you get a sofa, a box spring and a mattress, it will be more expensive.

The sofa bed, the asset of those who like to receive. Even if you live in a large home, you will like to have a sofa bed if you often keep sleeping. In the blink of an eye, you benefit from an extra bed of quality, without harming the overall aesthetics of the show.

Comfort and comfort – in different ways

For high-quality sofa beds, the lying or sitting area is characterized by its relatively soft, cuddly and comfortable texture. This means that you will benefit from a similar level of comfort at night as sleeping in your own bed. In addition, bed sofas, which have a folding backrest are in great demand. Once it has been folded down in a few easy steps, it forms a straight line together with the seat of the sofa.

So that means that you or your guests can now make themselves comfortable to your heart’s content on the almost twice as large area. The classic function of the sofa bed, however, is characterized by the fact that a special folding mechanism is available, the sleeping and lying area can be extended only by pressing a button or by lever pull. In the same step, the seat is moved under the frame of the sofa to ensure maximum comfort in this way.

Advantages and Applications

Not everyone has a sufficiently large apartment in which a room-filling seating can be set up. Singles and couples in smaller apartments living, but can with a sofa bed both a pleasant seating as well as an additional sleeping space creates.

Often, however, sofa beds in guest rooms can be found as an additional bed. But even in a reading corner such a piece of furniture can be used to relax.

Here you have much more space than in a chair. With appropriate pillows equipped you do not want to get up so fast here.

Quite popular is such a sofa bed in children and youth rooms. Here our youngest can relax alone or with friends. In that regard, a sofa bed can be described as an extremely functional piece of furniture.

The benefits of using a sofa bed

shapely design,

high quality,



additional sleeping space for guests,

additional storage space for models with a bed box.

An invitation for guests

It is always nice to welcome guests in home. With a view to the old folk wisdom “Place is in the smallest hut”, with a sofa bed you have the option to let your visitors stay overnight. Forgotten about this are the “good, old” student days, in which one spent the night after a night in the bathtub of friends.

In guest houses, office, and holiday homes

At the end of the day, on a journey, you long for a comfortable spot where you can unwind and rest to your heart’s content. Whether for yourself or for operators of a holiday apartment or a guest house, a sofa bed can be an excellent way to give spontaneous visit the chance to sleep in your premises. In this respect, such a piece of furniture is definitely a promising addition to the classic interior.

What types of sofa bed are there?

For our sofa bed test, we would also like to explain to you which different types of furniture are available. Externally, many models look pretty much the same.However, the differences can be seen not only in terms of the conversion mechanism but also in the type of lying position.

The sofa bed for cross sleepers

For a sofa bed, we can fold the backrest and the armrests back so that we can lie across the seat.In this case, we speak of a so-called cross – sleeper.

The length of the lying area corresponds to the number of seats plus the width of the armrests.The width of the sleeping area consists of the depth of the seat plus the folded back height of the backrest.

The benefits of the cross-sleeper

when unfolding, less footprint is needed;there may still be a storage box under the seat;This fold-out mechanism is quick and easy to use.But a bit uncomfortable when the armrests cannot be folded down completely,and the space for a second person is very limited.

The sofa bed for long-sleeper

In a sofa for long- sleeper the seats correspond to the width of the bed. The armrests do not necessarily have to be folded down. Likewise, as a rule, the backrest remains unchanged.

The length of the lying surface results from the fact that the lower part of the sofa is pulled out to the front. In most cases, there is a pull -out element and a fold-down element which, together with the seat surface, represents the maximum length of the sleeping area of the sofa bed.

The wider such a longitudinal sleeper is, such as a triple sofa bed, the more comfortable you will have when sleeping.

The advantages of the longitudinal sleeper

The lying area is much larger,Armrests and backrest do not necessarily have to be rebuilt;two people can sleep there comfortably.But the sofas occupy more floor space.T

Corner Sofas

If a sofa goes over the corner, so there are two, three or more contiguous seating surfaces with backrest at right angles to each other, and there is the talk of a corner sofa.

Corner sofas are therefore not only very functional, but they also offer additional space in many rooms due to their triangular conception. Depending on the model, sleeping corner sofas can be folded up or pushed into each other with just a few simple steps.

Folding couch

The “good, old” folding sofa was especially in the student apartments of the 1960s and 1970s season. Now, this traditional-style piece of furniture is experiencing a veritable boom, because, in this context, the designers have come up with a lot to make this flexible piece acceptable again. So the current models are available in many trendy colors and in different materials.

Travel bed

It sometimes results in the most diverse circumstances that make it necessary, even when traveling well to be prepared and to have a night camp available. In this regard, the purchase of a traveling couch is very promising, with these practical models scoring points by many merits. Most high-quality models are lightweight and easy to unfold and fold. Also in terms of comfort, many models have quite a lot to offer.

Tailored designer sofas

Consumers with high expectations who are looking for something out of the ordinary to furnish their home are well advised with tailor-made designer sofas. Before the production, the personal wishes of the customer are considered, so that the finished piece of furniture leaves nothing to be desired. At the same time, the consumer can determine the materials, as well as the nature of the frame, the construction method and many other aspects in advance and let the expert fulfill every single wish in relation to the desired sofa bed.

How does a sofa bed work?

In our sofa bed test, we do not want to deprive you of how such furniture works. In general, the typical 2-seater sofa beds as seating furniture are extremely comfortable. They can be equipped with optional cushions and thus extend the comfort range.

But these sofas offer much more than just a cozy seat. Sofa beds can be converted in different ways.

Starting from the basic design, you can use the backrest, Hereford, back and get in this way a compact bed for just under two people. At the same time, the side has armrests down folded are to a sufficiently large deck area to get. Below such a sofa bed you will often find an integrated bed box for the upper bed.

But there are also sofa beds, the place of a storage box a pullout possess in which a folded lying area can be pulled forward.

For these sofas, you will need to search for a handle underneath the seat, usually lift the seat slightly upwards and then pull it out to the front.

For more information on comfortable sofa beds, visit our website where you will find all categories of sofa beds you like.


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