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Shopping Tips for the Best Affordable Sofa Bed




Sofa beds have been a favorite ever since they were invented. These beds aren’t just useful for visitors who need an extra bed, but they also provide maximum comfort for those who want to feel it. These beds are so comfortable, more and more people want one at home.
But with comfort and style comes a price we can’t always afford. So, here are some tips to help find the best affordable one for you.

Types of Sofa Beds and Their Differences

Before diving into the tips, let’s start first by enumerating the different kinds of sofa beds and which could help you find the best one for you. There are three common sofa beds that have been developed over the years. These sofa beds all have one use and that is to be a comfortable couch by day and bed by night.

Starting with the most common, a pull-out sofa bed. The sofa turns into a bed, by first the removal of the top cushions. The bed is placed on a spring-loaded metal frame and is pulled outwards. It has three folding sections and a pair of legs that will fall into place to support the mattress from underneath. Beds used for pull-out sofas are half the size of standard ones.

Another kind of sofa bed is the futon, which is made with a metal or wooden frame. The word futon is a Japanese word that means bed. A bifold futon is the most common type of futon. This is a convertible sofa bed that starts looking like a couch but when unhinged it then converts to a bed. You have to pull on a hinge to push the support back until it’s fully flat. Some of the futons need to be pulled to extend and become a bed.

On the other hand, trifold futons have a hidden section that, when unfolded from underneath, acts like a footrest. Similar to the bifold futon, the back support is pushed down until flat like the rest of the futon.

The largest kind of sofa bed is the sleeper sectionals. These sofa are ideal for large rooms and can extend to a queen sized bed. These are usually L-shaped with a storage on the extended piece. Sleeper sectionals work by either having pull-out mechanism with a metal frame or simply an pull-out mechanism to extend the length and when it’s already fully extended, an additional cushion will be pulled out from underneath to make a bed.

Another type of sofa bed is the daybed. Unlike the common folding couch bed, the day bed is what it is. The size is already fit for a bed and you don’t need to unhinge anything or pull-out to have a mattress. The size of these day beds vary between full beds and single beds.

Electronic Sofa Beds were created to provide convenience for those who can no longer bend down to turn the sofa into a bed. With just a push of a button, the bed unfolds itself and extends to a bed. The cushions adjust to add more space and create a bed.

Best Comfortable Sofa Bed for You

With all those specifications, you’re probably confused on what kind of sofa bed is ideal for you and your home. But the best sofa bed for you would be one that’s within your budget but comfortable enough for your lifestyle.

For your preference, all kinds of sofa beds can comfortable and stylish but there are also various differences between them. If the sofa bed will be used frequently, then you’re better off with either a day bed or a pull-out sleeper. These beds are great for frequent use because you are able to switch the mattress once it’s already compressed and uncomfortable to use.

If you’re looking for additional storage, you can go for sectional sofas. These sofa beds aren’t just convertible but they can have sections wherein you can place storage inside them. Some futons are also made with different sections that you can take away to form another stylish seat. These futons are made to accommodate more than just one person comfortably.

But if size is all that matters to you, futons and pull out sleepers are more traditionally designed to accommodate more than just one person, comfortably. These sofa beds are made to be queen or king sizes, unlike day beds that are usual for a single person.

Convenience is what electronic sofa beds offer because you bypass the hassle of bending down and setting it up. This is ideal for people who have back problems or arthritis. It’s also ideal for those who just want an easy setup without much movement.

Shopping Tips for the Right Sofa Bed

There’s no denying that sofa beds are quite expensive, but with such comfort and style, they’re quite worth it. But, nevertheless, we want to buy a comfortable sofa bed that won’t leave our wallet with just dust.

The first tip would be to look for a bed with strong frame. The sofa bed will be frequently used so you better find one with a kiln-dried hardwood or furniture-grade hardwood. Avoid buying ones that are made with pine because they’re soft and not as durable.

Another tip would be to look at the mattress quality. For sofa beds, you’re better off with memory foams or springs ones to make sleeping comfortable. Wear and tear will definitely challenge your mattress, so be sure to check on the quality of the fabric used. A common misconception would be to have a thicker mattress to combat compression over time, but you’re better off with a mattress that’s thin but high-quality.

A tip to guarantee that your bed won’t break down on the first few uses, try the hinge mechanism of the sofa bed. During the trial, you should not hear unusual sounds or encounter any difficulty in making the sofa bed. Do a thorough inspection of all the hinges and parts so you won’t regret buying it.

For families who are looking into a durable sofa bed, better buy a sleeper sectional because it’s not just a big sofa by day, it’s also pretty spacious as a bed. It also has additional storage that can be useful for big families. The catch is, this kind of sofa bed needs a big space to accommodate it.

The size of the sofa bed depends on how large the room space is. Daybeds and futons are quite small which is ideal for couples or small families. But for bigger spaces, you can go with sleeper sectionals or pull-out sofa beds. Just a tip, make sure to measure the room space and the sofa bed before deciding to buy one.

All these sofa beds are quite pricey but a tip to find the most affordable one for you would be to identify the size that’s appropriate for your home and the frequency in which you’ll be using the sofa bed. Knowing how the bed will be used is essential in determining the durability of your bed. Avoid buying cheap one just so you can save a few pennies, you’ll only end up buying another one once it breaks down. Invest on your sofa for comfort and longevity.

With all these bits of information and tips, finding the right sofa bed will be easier for you. By avoiding the common mistakes of buying more than what you originally planned to spend and not knowing how the sofa bed will be used, you’re surely going to end up with a sofa bed that’s suitable for your home and your lifestyle.


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